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In 2010, my life sucked.  So, Sassy Single mom that I was, I ditched my nursing career and started a Home Based Business for less than $300. We now enjoy an abundant life full of love and everything we need. It’s not just me, our Team is successful!

My Purpose: to Empower others to live the life of their dreams.

My How: Help them Earn $1,000,000 a year in less than 5 years.

Todd and I have a 2 to 5 year plan, that with dedication from you will bring you the success you desire!

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It Works Body Wraps – Exactly What Are They?!?!?

It Works Body Wraps are those crazy skinny wraps that tighten, tone and firm in 45 minutes.  The It Works Body Wraps reduce the appearance of cellulite – giving results that are both immediate in progressive.

In just under an hour, initial results from the It Works Body Wraps are seen, revealing skin that is more taut, firmer, and with a smoother appearance as cellulite is reduced.

But the results don’t end there – over the next 72 hours, the It Works Body Wraps continue to work as a result of the natural botanicals in the patented formula that is only available from an It Works Distributor.

It Works Body Wraps Can Be Used Many Places!

What is great about the It Works Global wraps is that they can be customized to fit any area of the body that you choose!  They’re easy to use, too!

When you get the Ultimate Body Applicator – either a single wrap at full price or if you receive a nearly 50% discount through the Loyal Customer program,  you just take it out, unfold the It Works body wrap and put it on. Some people use plastic wrap to help the wrap adhere to the body, others use a stretchy wrap like a belly band many women use during pregnancy.

You can use the It Works body wraps anywhere (except for the face).  Anywhere from the chin down is a great place to experience the tightening, toning and firming from these amazing wraps.

It Works Body Wraps Are NOT Water Loss!  Drink Up!

Make sure to drink lots of water when you’re using the It Works body wraps – this is not a sweat-it-out kind of water loss!  This is giving you vitality and better looking skin from the outside in – and it requires you to hydrate yourself adequately while you’re wrapping as well as during the days that follow.

If you’re ready to put on your very first wrap, make sure you read my list of tips for best results.

It Works Body Wraps Tips for Success.

It Works Body Wraps – How Do They Work?

When people ask me how the It Works body wraps work, my favorite answer is, “They work great!”  Because they do!  (And because – even though the active ingredients are natural, most people don’t want to worry about the exact chemistry of how it all works – they just want to know if it really does work!)  But – if you want to know more about how the amazing It Works body wraps work, feel free to check out this list of ingredients and a call from our medical expert, Dr. Don, for more detailed information.

Ready to see how It Works Body Wraps work for yourself? 

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