4 Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Playing Small

My team is in a huge push this month – there are several people reaching for bonuses, in fact the whole team is!   It’s an incredible and exciting time around here!  

It’s got me thinking about what it is that separates the ones who make it from the ones who don’t.  Why are some people inevitably going to find that way to reach and exceed even their wildest goals and others are content to give up over and over, letting life and their goals pass them by.

People in that second category seem to have a scarcity mindset when it comes to success.  Meaning, the people who are just stuck in “maybe someday,” also believe that somehow if I succeed or you succeed, there’s less success left for them.

Some people might chalk it up to personality type.

But I’ve seen enough different people with different personality types grab the reins and gallop off to AMAZING success in our company that I don’t think that’s it.

I think that there are a whole lot of people running around with limiting beliefs about their ability to succeed.

By limiting beliefs, I mean a belief about themselves that limits the amount of power and success they’re able to have. It’s a sort of lens that you look at the world – and your ability to make positive change through.  Some people view the world through a lens that helps them know, “I’ve got this.”  Others see the world through a lens that says, “there’s no way I can change anything…I’m just not lucky enough.”

So I’m curious –

Do you ever sabotage yourself when it comes to success?

If you even think the answer could be yes, I have some information that really and truly could change your life, if you let it.

4 Limiting Beliefs that Keep You Playing Small

1.  If I’m Positive and Hopeful, That’s Enough

Somehow we get the idea that just having a good outlook and hoping for success is enough of a mental shift to get us over the hurdles standing between us and our goals.

But it has to be deeper than that. You have to know you’ll succeed.  You have to see yourself taking the steps that will bring success, one step at a time. Just like an athlete visualizes every second of a gold-medal winning performance. You have to see it, feel it, and know it deep down inside. You will succeed.

2. It’s Not Spiritual to Be Successful

This is a huge one – that somehow it’s not nice or spiritual to be successful.

Let me ask you this. Is there a cause you are passionate about but can’t afford to support the way you want?  How is it spiritual to limit your ability to contribute financially?

Money is neither good nor evil. It’s the love of money – seeing it as an end to itself – that leads people down the wrong path. It’s an amazing tool that you can use to do incredible things.

But if you’re playing small, you’ll never get the joy of finding that out.

3. Nice People Finish Last

Do you limit yourself because you want to be nice and you’ve bought into the idea that nice people always have to finish last (and that only immoral people finish first)?

Immerse yourself in great books about leadership by people like Zig Ziglar, Stephen Covey, and John C. Maxwell.  You can keep growing and living your dreams – while knowing that you’re guarding your heart against the temptations that success brings.

4. I’m a _____ person; I couldn’t possibly accomplish ______.

What your mind can conceive, it can achieve, if only you’ll let yourself soar.

I hear from prospective distributors all the time – they can’t see themselves doing great with sales because they’re just not that kind of person.

But the truth is – they’re the best distributors, it turns out, because each of them is a people person.  We are in the people business.

You’ve got the freedom to be what you want and do what you want to do.

Are you ready to fly?

I believe in you!

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