You’re walking away from your nursing career?

So how does a nice girl like me end up loving the network marketing profession?  Well, not to brag, but it’s been my mission for as long as I remember to take life’s tests and turning them into my testimony of outrageous success!  If someone says, “you can’t,” I’m going to do it. Twice.

But Why a Pyramid Thing?

It’s not that I went looking for it, it came into my life uninvited, and a little unwelcome.  I had left an awful relationship – and taken my 2 young sons with me. I was working multiple jobs to make ends meet (because there were no nursing jobs where we were living). And I was eating cheap processed food, not taking time for me (what’s that when you have more month than money, right?), and it showed.

I sacrificed sleep to be the mom my kids needed me to be.  I worked days – and nights – often leaving them after the sun went down to work another job to make ends meet.

I was exhausted, and even though I worked all I could, I still could barely afford to offer my children the life that I had envisioned for them.  No matter what I did, there was still more month left at the end  of the money!

My kids were coming in to their preteen years, and I was worried that time was running out!  I was even more worried that leaving them home alone after dark was not in all of our best interest if you know what I mean…

I needed to make a change and I needed to do it NOW! I wasn’t willing to take on another job and sacrifice more of my precious time away from them.  I was already gone more than I should be!  Flexible jobs for moms aren’t exactly easy to come by, right?  So, what’s a good momma to do?

Finding flexible jobs for moms via the power of direct sales opportunities for women!

You know those moments of desperation where you are begging for a sign, or a bone or something to come your way?  I hopped on Facebook and was a little freaked out and doing some mindless clicking to clear my head!  It was then I was introduced to my first company, which I was pretty sure was one of those “pyramid things.”   When it came to finding a flexible job that matched my life as a mom, I started to realize that direct sales opportunities for women can be amazing indeed!

I did my due diligence.  The little voice in my head said JUMP!  The little demon in my head said, “That’s not stable, bad move!”  Good thing I don’t pay attention to demons!  I began my endeavor as a Mompreneur and quickly left my traditional career.  Since joining the ranks of work from home moms, I have both personal freedom and the financial freedom I desired for my small family!

Life Happens Again, because it always does right?

So I’m trucking along in my business, I had been a top 50 income earner from my first year in, and things were good.  I got married, retired my husband from his plumbing career, then we went out of town for my birthday.  Simple birthday trip right, no big deal.

Well, turns out that was the trip God decided to bless us with another snuggle bug.

While I was pregnant with Jack, I started to agonize of what I was going to do and how I was going to pull off being gone all the time doing Home Parties and business events.
I had already implemented a ton of online strategy, but this business just required presence.  Physical presence.  You know what else required presence, my family.  I was starting to realized how much I had been gone, and how much I wasn’t ok with it.

I believe in congruency, so I decided it was time for a change.  I found my new business and forever home, and this time, I did all from my iPhone.  Seriously? I pone based business.  Oh yes.  Although the road was paved with some personal struggle in the form of multiple surgeries for me, and some major illness and an accident for my husbandI am Living the Dream, and loving every minute!  I love to help others, I want to leave an impact on every life I encounter on my path to greatness!  I hope you enjoy my sharing of my success, my struggles, and the joys I experience with you!