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Avoid the Weight Loss Plateau: 3 Critical Steps You Must Avoid

I posted some pictures this week…it seems that a lot of people see me now and don’t realize that I’ve ever had an issue with my weight.

Let me tell you – I know what I’m talking about when I talk about losing weight!

It’s easy to forget how far you’ve come sometimes. But when I look back to those pictures, it’s pretty amazing to see the difference.

Along the way – just like anyone else, I had times where the weight just melted off. And then there were some times when weight loss slowed down, and I wondered if I had hit a weight loss plateau.

I hate those – don’t you?

Avoiding – and knowing what to do if you hit a weight loss plateau is super important if you want to stay motivated and actually reach your goal. So – here are the 3 critical steps you must avoid if you want to not get stuck on your way to reaching your weight loss goals.

You’ll Avoid the Weight Loss Plateau if You Avoid these Critical Mistakes

Here’s a shocker – these tips cover the areas of diet and exercise.

1.   Avoid the exercise routine rut

When you discover a workout plan that works for you – it’s easy to overdo it. I mean – it’s easy for you to memorize your routine and stick to it, day in and day out.  Hey, if you have it memorized, it must be a good sign that you’re staying on track, right?

Well – not exactly.  As your body gets used to the movements in your workout, your muscles will adapt and become more efficient. And while efficiency is usually a good thing, when it comes to your workout, you don’t want your muscles to adapt so well that your muscle building slows, along with your metabolism.

2.  Make sure you’re eating enough

Sounds sort of strange, I know. If you’re trying to lose weight, why am I telling you that you might need to eat more?  Well, it comes down to this. Where do you think muscles come from?  If you aren’t giving your body the quantity and quality of nutrients it needs, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to losing fat and building muscle. It’s really true – abs are built in the kitchen before they’re ever built in the gym!

3.  Don’t Give Up

Whether you’re talking about working out or your new eating plan, don’t give up. It took you time to get to where you are today, weight wise, and it’s going to take time to get the weight off.  So don’t give up on your new diet or exercise routine. Especially if you slip up. Give yourself some grace for the extra dessert or the missed workout – and get right back up on that horse and get on track.  Just like most things – being consistent with your diet and workout over time is more helpful than having one “perfect” meal or workout that leaves you wanting to cheat on your diet or skip exercise the next time.

I can’t promise that you’ll be skinny in a week, but I can tell you that you should break through any plateaus if you’re careful about avoiding these 3 critical mistakes.

Avoid the weight loss plateau
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Avoid the weight loss plateau
Knowing what to do if you hit a weight loss plateau And the 3 critical things you must avoid to keep yourself from hitting a weight loss plateau

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