How to Deal With Rejection in Network Marketing

Are you tired of dealing with rejection in your network marketing business?  Are you a people pleaser? And if so, is this holding you back in your business?

When you’re building your network marketing organization, the possibility of rejection is real.  Let’s just be honest here, if you’re really building your business, you’re seeing more rejection than not.  Not seeing that rejection, well, then you’re either about to surpass me in income because you’re just that good,  you’re just not talking to enough people about your business.

Basically – if you’re not having to deal with rejection in your network marketing business, it’s because you’re not working your business.  OUCH!  Yup I said it!

Being scared of rejection is okay. But I’m here to tell you as someone who earns well over six figures in my business, it’s time to let your fear of rejection stop limiting the size of your paycheck.  Are you really going to let the word no stand between you and six or seven figures of income?

I’m hoping your answer is no, so let me help you learn how to deal with rejection in your network marketing business. Because someone else’s reaction doesn’t need to be the end of your story.

Why Your Comfort Zone is Such a Dangerous Place

No one likes being rejected, and when you’re new to network marketing, that rejection can be especially challenging to get past.

I think it’s even more difficult for women who have been raised to be people pleasers. You want people to like you, and when someone tells you no, it can be hard not to take it personally.

So,  you sticking your comfort zone where the there’s lots of smiles and niceness and you don’t have to feel like “that network marketer” who’s so annoying can be more comfortable.  You need to know though,  that staying there is kind of like that poppy scene in The Wizard of Oz.  It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll just get so sleepy and comfortable there that unless something changes, you’ll never do what it takes to change your life.

How to Deal With Your Fear of Rejection Once And For All

Aren’t you glad you’ve said yes to this opportunity to help you live outside your comfort zone?

I mean it!  If you think about it, staying inside your comfort zone means nothing changes whether it’s your paycheck, your family life, or any other goal, the very first step toward living the life of your dreams is to get comfortable with living outside of your comfort zone.

When you start a network marketing business, you get paid to learn how to live outside your comfort zone.

Pretty amazing, right?

The first way to get over your fear of rejection is to make a mindset shift that you’re going to make friends with it.

When you come to see rejection as your friend along the way to make you a stronger, more resilient, and more comfortable business builder, it’s easier to deal with it when it comes.

When you embrace rejection and learn how to let it make you better in your business, you’ll grow yourself (and your paycheck) as a result!

This is the Best Way to Handle Rejection In Network Marketing

You’ve figured out that rejection is going to happen. You’ve decided to embrace it.

So what’s left?

Preparing for it!

Not everyone is a good fit for you or your product, and that’s ok.  Don’t let the no’s stress you out or slow you down.  It’s not your job to convince anyone.  It’s your job to continue to grow those relationships, and when they’re ready, welcome them in with open arms.  Move past the no, and keep looking for the ones who are ready to join you right now.

Are you ready to rise above rejection and soar to new levels of success? Leave me a comment below!

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