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How to Work in Your Pajamas

Did you ever imagine (or dream) that you went to work in your pajamas?

Maybe for some it’s like a recurring nightmare.   I’ve gotta say, during these colder months, it sounds like a downright perfect way to work to me!  As long as you can keep your focus while you’re super casual, I say that knowing how to build your life so you can work in your pajamas is a rockin’ way to live!

Seriously, though, if you’re ready to start working from home as a stay at home mom, you’ll want to think carefully. There are so many choices in home businesses for women these days!  Here’s just a few to get you thinking about the option that might be right for you.

Network Marketing

Okay, you knew I’d either start or end with my favorite, especially with the ever growing number of women joining network marketing companies, and seeing success.  I had to mention this right off the bat.  What’s so great about network marketing versus other home businesses for women?

I think the simplicity of network marketing is its best quality. I know there’s a lot of recruiters out there who want to just about throw up everything they know about their companies and comp plans, and that makes it hard to figure out how to succeed!  When you are partnered with a real sponsor, and they share their simple systems with you, you can be successful in this too!

When you do look at home businesses for women, it helps to pick one that has a proven track record, one that provides a turnkey system with everything you need to be successful right from the start.  If you’re looking to work from the comfort of your own home, chances are, you want to hit the ground running for maximum profit in minimum time.


Do you have expertise in a particular area?  Coaching can be an easy way to start a business and leverage the knowledge and experience you’ve already accumulated.  A coaching business can be started online with little initial investment other than your website design and hosting fees.

One of the drawbacks of a coaching business is the time required.   Your time is limited, so your income is limited by the number of hours you have available to work with your clients.  Shortchange your clients, and your whole business is in jeopardy.  Service based businesses usually are quick to setup but are not necessarily ideal home businesses for women because of the constant juggling of exchanging time and money.

Online Auctions

Do you have a good understanding of a particular kind of item and the people who buy it? Maybe an online auction store is your calling!  Selling on sites like eBay can provide anywhere from quick spending money to – for some people – a full time income!

What home businesses for women are your favorites? Leave a comment below!

How to Work in Your Pajamas
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Maybe for some it's like a recurring nightmare, but I've gotta say, during these colder months, working in my pajamas sounds like a downright perfect way to work to me!

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