So What is Network Marketing Anyway?

You might have heard that network marketing is one of the easiest ways for moms working from home to jump in and begin earning money. But – what is network marketing?

If the first thing you think is “pyramid scheme,” think again!

Network Marketing is nothing more than selling something to someone in person, away from a retail type of location such as a store.

In the past, there was the Fuller Brush Man or the Stanley Home Party.

These days, you don’t really have people selling door to door (other than kids selling things for school or clubs).

Join the Party!

Many network marketing companies are “party plan” companies. From kitchenware to skin care, a few companies really pioneered the party concept for direct sales.

The main part of party plan companies is some form of gathering – a party – to showcase and demonstrate the product being sold.

One of the best things about direct sales via the party plan is that it’s more efficient than one on one appointments. For the same amount of time, you can reach many people all at once. Besides – it’s more enticing to go to a party than to a sales meeting, right?  What a fun way for moms working from home to meet people and profit from direct sales exist.

The Virtual Direct Sales Revolution

These days, the “in person” concept gets a little muddy when you think about how much people spend time online!  This is thanks to the internet – and especially social media. Moms working from home are  able to work smarter, not harder. Smart marketing can happen in 15 minute chunks here and there when you know how to use social media to promote your business the right way!

While you might think that social media marketing is much more different from the days of in person sales, one thing has remained the same. Network Marketing is all about building relationships and meeting a person’s need.  Using social media for building your business uses the exact same strategy. (And if you forget it’s all about the relationships, you’ll notice it in your lack of return on your investment!)

How You Can Make Money

Of course learning about network marketing is all about making the income right? Moms working from home can earn just some extra spending money, all the way up to multi six- and seven- figure incomes!

Most direct network marketing companies use a multi-level structure for their compensation plan. You’ve probably heard someone talk about multi-level marketing or MLMs for short. Multi-level compensation plans just mean that you earn commissions from your own personal sales as well as the sales of people on your team. It’s a way of encouraging you to leverage the efforts of others and to support the people you introduce to your business opportunity.

Through network marketing and a great compensation plan, I went from struggling to make ends meet to earning a six figure income in just about 2 years.  Curious to learn more? Contact me and let’s talk!

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