Self-Care: What Exactly is Self-Care Anyway?

So What Exactly is Self Care Anyway?

Well, Self-care is the act of taking care of yourself, and that’s not going to look the same for all of us!  It is doing exactly what you need to do to feel the best all around, for your whole self mentally, physically, and emotionally. We all have our own ways to take care of us, and I’m not here to judge your way!  Taking care of you could mean anything from quitting the life sucking job you’re tied to, getting your hair or nails done, or hiding in the bathtub and reading a book at night.

The important thing here, is that taking care of you is important, and it shouldn’t be overlooked.  You won’t believe how much your life will improve when you form yourself a self-care routine.  Let’s face it, if you’re not taking care of you, your’e going to end up overwhelmed, stressed, and even lacking confidence.  Your productivity at work will drop, and your relationships can start to deteriorate.


Making Time for Self-Care isn’t always easy

Yea, I get it.  Self-care takes time.  You know what else takes time?  Sitting on the couch in a depressed and mopey slump missing out on life.  Yup, just calling it like it is.  I’ve been there.  I had this fancy skin care line that my mother-in-law sent me, and I hardly had time for that.  Even getting my shower in was a chore at one point in my life.  That’s really a choice though.  I allowed everyone else to become more important to me.  Truth be told, I would have worked harder and faster if I felt better about myself.  So just do it already!

Creating Your Self-Care Routine

To really understand self-care, you need to understand yourself first. Ask yourself these questions to gain some clarity.


  • What are the things I need to do to feel complete?
  • What activities help me relieve stress?
  • Is there anything I can eliminate from my daily schedule that is preventing me from taking care of myself?
  • Am I happy with my exercise routine and am I eating healthy?


Once you get some clarity, you’ll be able to chose the things you need to do for your self daily, weekly and monthly.  Now it’s time to pick some, and then  add it to your schedule and do them to reap the benefits.

What will Self-Care do for me?

Self-care is extremely beneficial for optimal health. Let’s look at a few of the amazing benefits you’ll experience over time.


  • Increased Positivity – Adding these activities to your schedule will give you something to look forward to. Now you will no longer be thinking about how bad your day is and only be looking forward to reading that book in total silence or getting your nails done after work.
  • Increased Self-Confidence – Your needs are now a top priority and that is a good thing. Self-confidence will naturally increase because you are simply doing the things that make you feel good.
  • Improved Immunity – Self-care allows you to give your body a break from stress, anxiety and emotional trauma which increases your immunity. Stress and depression can overload your mind and body which is crucial to reduce as much as possible.
  • Better Relationships – The more your needs are met the better your relationships will be with other people. When you are feeling down about yourself and don’t feel important chances are that’s what you are putting onto others.
  • Higher Productivity – All the benefits that have been stated above help with increased productivity at work and at home. Less stress, higher immunity, and higher self-confidence all help to boost productivity.


Remember, self-care is all about you as an individual. So, what you need to do to take care of yourself won’t be the same as your spouse, friends, and family. After this routine is put in place you will notice a significant change in your health and overall well-being.  You’re not being selfish.  Take care of you first so you can take care of them!



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