Why is Self-Care so Important

Self-Care: Why is Self-Care so Important?

Why is Self-Care so Important

Why Is Self-Care Important?


Self-care is simply doing the things you like to do that helps you feel happy and healthy. There really is no limit to what self-care is, because it’s all about what you like doing for yourself and your personality that makes you a better person, parent, spouse, sibling, and friend, and business partner!


When you’re taking care of you, don’t do things you think you need to do or what others say you need to do. Do what you know you love and want. It doesn’t have to require money or be anything extravagant. You can meditate, get up early, read a book, or go for a jog, even just sit down and read a book!  Start with some simple ideas, and grow your routine for there.


Neglecting yourself and putting your needs on the back burner inevitably leads to an unhealthy life. Self-care needs to be a part of your personal schedule and it shouldn’t be overlooked due to time or because someone believes it is selfish. Self-care is essential to having a healthy, productive, and happy life.  Once you start, stick with it!  Seriously.  I know, I know, you think you will.  Things happen, when they do, we jump into action mode and often don’t come back out of.  I remember a time when I had a massage set every month.  It was a reward for my hard work, and a reset!  Then, my dog got hit by a car and was in an emergency hospital for a few days.  We didn’t know if she was going to make it or not, and I didn’t feel right getting that massage while she may be dying.  I canceled my appointment, but I never made another.  NEVER.  That was dumb right?


Self-care is imperative because it prevents:


  1. Stress — Most everyone lives with stress in their daily lives but it’s important to try to reduce this as much as possible. Plenty of medical research shows that stress can cause many negative side effects. This includes headaches, low energy, aches and pain and even insomnia.
  2. Burnout – Burnout is another form of extreme stress that results in physical and emotional exhaustion, negativity, lack of enjoyment and the feeling of hopelessness. Burnout typically happens when people are overworked or during events that you feel you can’t control. Self-care allows you to take a break from these activities that can result in burnout. Even if it’s a simple one-minute break where you just close your eyes and breathe, it will help reduce this type of stress.
  3. Negativity — Putting everyone else’s needs over your own will turn just about anyone negative. The feeling of not being important and that their needs overpower yours is a horrible feeling. The fact is, the more your needs are met the more others needs will be met too. You will experience less bitterness and resentment towards others if you take care of yourself.


If you find yourself at any point feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or just negative towards people stop what you are doing immediately. You can easily take a few minutes to refocus your mind. Maybe you need to talk to your friends and family for a few minutes or look at a few pictures that make you happy such as babies or puppies. This will allow you to relax and adjust your attitude. You will be amazed at how much more productive you will be if you just put yourself first.

Can you think of time where you needed a reset and you needed it now? Leave me a comments below and share with me!

Why is Self-Care so Important?
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Why is Self-Care so Important?
Why is Self-Care so important? Well, Self-Care is doing what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. If you're not happy, you're not going to be successful in anything you do.
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