Surprising Time Management Secrets for Your Network Marketing Business

Being in business for yourself takes time, so does being the wife, the mom, the taxi, the chef, the maid, the daughter, the friend, and all of the other hats we wear each day can really take up so much time that your business takes the back burner.  It’s not that we intend to set it aside, it’s just that your family’s voices are much louder than you business’s can be.  I’m excited to share some surprising time management secrets with you that will help you remain in control of your Network Marketing business.

Your Time is More Limited Than you Think it is

One of life’s certainties is that time is not only limited, it’s also somewhat undefined. None of us know how long we will be here and how many days we will be granted to finish doing whatever it is we want to do.  Yet at the same time, every day we are given is very much the same.  It’s what we do with it that makes the difference.  Everyone has the same 24-hour day to dream, determine goals, and complete tasks that will help them meet those goals, so why is it that so many seem to have better results?  Surprisingly, there are some secrets to time management that will help you get more done, and get it done efficiently.

Set Priorities:  You Have Four Choices

That’s it, just four.  it’s easy to start putting everything into a different category and make list after list of things that need to completed, but without a plan and putting them on you day’s list, they are not going to get done.

1. Most important
2. Most urgent
3. Least important
4. Least urgent

When you identify tasks and set your priorities carefully by what is important over not important, as well as avoid having issues of urgency each day, you can get a handle on your time in ways that you never thought possible.  Emergencies will pop up, and those do get pushed ahead, but Important and Urgent always win!

Learning the Power of the No

Learning to say no is probably on elf the most important things you will ever learn to say.  It’s not a hard word to say, but it is a hard word to say out loud.  Why? Well, because our parents disciplined it out of us when we were two.  It’s time to learn to say no again. If something isn’t right for you, is too urgent, causes stress, or you just don’t want to do it, say no.  We have to ask ourselves if things fit into our goals, if they don’t we have to move on without.  Learning to say no to the good so you can say yes to the great is a skill.  It ís time to learn how to say no again. If something is not right for you, is too ìurgentî, causes you stress, or you just do not want to do it and it doesnít fit in with meeting your goals, say no. If it’s hard to say no, or no thank you, try this instead; “Thank you for thinking of me.  Let me check my calendar and get back to you.”

Disconnect from Technology

Put your phone on airplane mode, or do not disturb if you have kids that are out on the roads or at school.  Turn off your email notifications and stay off of Facebook.  As much  as we use technology to work, it can be hard to disconnect.  You HAVE to be intentional about it.  If you haven’t completed the most important tasks on your daily list, you have no business playing on the phone right?  The idea of multitasking is sad joke, so unplug from the tech world and tune into your tasks.  You will work faster, smarter, and you will gain the time you need for the things that are most important to your success.  I know I take a harsh stance on multitasking, but I want you to pay attention to the amount of time it takes you to complete something, or start five things and finish none, when you do multitask.  The only way multitasking works is when you combine tough with fluff.  Need to fold towels and also want to listen to the latest podcast, those work.  Need to write a blog post and listen to the latest podcast?  You’re looking for trouble.

Schedule Everything


Some of my everything doesn’t go on my planner now.  For example I have a 30 minute routine I follow every morning.  I don’t need to write it out or check it off, I can do it from muscle memory.  However, the things I do next have to to be scheduled or they don’t get done.  If I try to write a blog post in the morning before the baby wakes up, he will wake early.  I save that for nap time and bed time if I need to. Once my mindless routine is over, I go to my planner.  Every task I need to complete is there or on a daily check list.  Front he 15 minutes I need to use Social Media to market my business, to the 45 I spend responding and reaching out.  I mark my time out for lunch, for snuggle with baby Jack, to research for my next month of blog posts.  If my time isn’t dedicated I will waste it.  If you have a project due in a week, you should have five days of scheduled time to work on the project prior to the due date. This helps avoid those urgencies, and lost sleep I mentioned earlier.

Ignore Interruptions

This one can be tough.  I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to see my mom’s name scroll across my phone and not pick up.  To stay on task though, you must stay focuses.  Unless the house is on fire or a child is bleeding, the telephone ringing and the knocks on your office door are not important. They are interruptions. Check your email at scheduled times during the day, explain to your children, spouse and family when you are working,  ignore the door bell ringing. If you didnít schedule it, you do not need to do it now.  There are all sorts of things that can try to steal your day away, it’s up to you to make sure you don’t let it happen.  When you are scheduled and focused, you will have plenty of time to do the other things you need to do!

Outsourcing is the Easiest Way to Create Time

There are plenty of things you can outsource or even delegate, we just don’t like to admit it. Whether itís the housework, cooking, laundry, or customer service, it is important to outsource what you can afford to outsource. There are huge payoffs to outsourcing the things that are simply time suckers from your day. If you can’t afford to outsource, your kitchen will not explode if a few dishes pile up, and everyone can do with eating a salad for dinner now and then. Don’t forget, you can automate a lot of customer service issues when you work from home.  Take some time to really think about this.  I find my Virtual Assistant is so good, she can do in 5 hours a month what it takes me to do in 5 hours a week.  Probably because she is focused on the task at hand.

Create Once and Done Systems

Multitasking is not really a bastion of efficiency, think of it more like a tornado of destruction to your plan. Don’t try to start too many things and have to set some aside until you can focus.  Set your self up to touch each task only once and finish it. For example, when you check the mail immediately throw out the trash, schedule the bills to be paid, and deal with any issues that came up with a letter – right then. Of course, your mail time should be scheduled as well so that you can stay on track.  My husband sometimes brings me the mail as a clever trick to get Jack in the house.  It’s cute, but it’s still an interruption and I set it aside until it’s mail time.

Check Your Schedule

At least twice a day, set out the time to check your schedule. Usually the morning is good and at the end of the day is good. Ensure that you have your priorities in order, add anything new to your schedule that needs to be added, and remind yourself of what is expected the next day.  That will allow you get some things in place to make the next day’s tasks even faster.  Checking your schedule helps you feel accomplished at the end of the day, and reminds you of whatís coming up tomorrow.  Some of us need to be more plugged into our schedules.  I know for me, I can have a 2-3 hour time block of calls for my team and their prospects.  Making sure I know who’s calling and why helps me stay prepared and keeps the calls a bit shorter.

Now that you have some of my best secrets, get serious about following your schedule and calendar.  Use technology to help. but don’t let it control you. I like my Cozi Calendar, because all of my calls and places to be are on it.  Paper planners are still and always will be my favorite, but I do have a two year old.  I’ve had to tape an entire month back into my planner when I try to use it around him.  Finally, I know that it can seem a bit geeky and rigid to follow a schedule, but it will make your days more productive, and your nights more enjoyable.

Did you pick up a new tip or two?  Share in the comments below the tip you can’t wait to put into action!

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