The Biggest Mistake in Starting Your Business

The biggest Mistake I made in starting my business 7  years ago was being afraid of looking dumb.

You too?

Fear of looking dumb can make it hard to get started in anything, but here’s the deal, when you stay paralyzed in your life because of fear, and people can see you not doing anything, well most times, that’s the dumbest looking of things you can do at all.

Starting Your Business – Stepping out in Faith

I have a story to share with you.  I want you to know that Divine Meetings can happen anywhere.  They can even happen on Facebook, when you’re ready for them to happen.

I can remember sitting in my bedroom dormer on the computer desperately searching for a nursing job.  I was miserable bar tending in this tiny little bar in Erie Michigan called “Headlights” Yea, I know it sounds like a strip club.  It’s NOT!

Not only was I not happy about the fact that working 2 nights a week was making me a whopping $20o a week, I was tired of being surrounded with miserable people.

I had two kids I was responsible for on my own and $200 wasn’t going to do much!  (Lets not forget how challenging it is to live with your parents as an adult, yet alone and adult MOTHER! )

It wasn’t pretty.

Something Needed To Change

So where were we, oh yes, sitting in the dormer of the bedroom I grew up in ready to cry and feeling pretty desperate.  The area hospitals had all decided to shoot for Magnet Status.  (You can read a little about what it is here on the site.)

What it is was not the issue for me, it was what it was doing to my family.  I busted my butt in nursing school!  I was on the fast track, I didn’t have time to go slow, I had kids for crying out loud.  I had a job in Virginia, but we weren’t happy so we moved back to Michigan and hit the big magnet roadblock.

The long and the short of it was this:  LPN’s were no long welcome in hospitals around my area.

See there’s this big nursing shortage, but the shortage is in experienced and specialized care.  Was I educated on it, sure was.  What I knowledgable enough to provide the care, of course.  Would they hire me?  Nope!  I had to finish my RN Program first.

So much for doing things the faster way.

I’m asking for something, anything to come my way.  Throw me a bone, I’ve got babies!!  In pops a Facebook Chat and a friend request from some random guy in Toledo, Ohio.  “Have you heard of this crazy…”?  To which I replied, “No, but why do I get the feeling you’re going to tell me all about it?”  It was then I’d met my match, but didn’t know it yet.  I did some “due diligence” and decided I was signing up!

So I start printing and reading and making lists.  Now it’s Tuesday, I am supposed to go sign up on Friday at this Home Party, and I’m stoked that this opportunity landed in my lap.

There Was Only One Problem

I had about 5 bucks in my pocket and 18 in the bank.  Car payment or 2 due, phone bill or two due…  How was I going to pull this off?  I knew my parents would not lend me money to get started in a crazy Pyramid Scheme, since we’d all watched my Uncle lose everything to Amway!

I also had a solution, but it wasn’t going to be easy, and there was a chance I was going to look pretty dumb.

There was this guy, his name was Jason.  We had dated for a while and he popped the question and slapped a ring on my finger.  Not good.  I had just mentioned to my Mother that the thought of spending another day with him made me want to gouge my own eyes out, and I was planning on coming home!  Anyhoo, two weeks later, surprise!  Remind me to thank my Dad again for failing to let me know this was coming and plan my escape sooner!  HA!   So yes, that made me leaving all the more challenging.

But the reality of it was Jason owed me a crap ton of money. So, I mustered up the nerve and made the call.  Told him I needed $350 to get started and asked him to put it in my still open account in Virginia.  (Thank God I had procrastinated and hadn’t gotten around to closing that account!)  He gave me a hard time of course, but he did give me the cash.  That was the most difficult call I’d had to make in a long time, but,  it’s the one that changed my life forever. It’s what gave me the chance to begin a home business. A home business that gave me a way to take control of my financial and personal destiny. It’s made me able to not only provide for our needs – but for our wants, too.

The bottom line is this. If I’d given in to my fear, I have no clue what dead end road I would still be on.

I’m here to tell ya – when opportunity knocks you’d better answer, no matter what it takes!




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