Time Management: A Group Project Rather Than a Solo Act

A Group Project Rather Than a Solo Act?

This one is obviously for the ladies, but guys, don’t worry, I know you need help running your home and business too!   Time Management is a little more interesting when we add others and their time into the mix.  Managing time takes cooperation from everyone on your team, and in your family, for it to work. If everyone isn’t on board, you’ll end up with problems and urgent last-minute tasks that you want and need to avoid.  Like garbage night.  If I had a dollar for every time the kid responsible to take out said trash forgot, and the dad also forgot to check on that, and I didn’t think of it the next morning until the truck rolled past (because it’s not job right?) It’s irritating.  One person can’t be in charge of everything and build a business when there’s a pack living in the same house.  It’s just too much!


Getting them all involved in Time Management and Tasks


Sometimes a good old fashioned family meeting is required.  A business can’t run without checks and balances, why would you expect your home to?  At the very least, good communication, and little sass hopefully, are required to keep it all together and running smoothly.

First, let your family know why you’re working on this business anyway.  If you don’t let them in, they will think it’s all for selfish reasons.  Mom or Dad got involved with this thing, and now they don’t have time for me.  Or when it comes to the spouse, think about how they feel if you’re locked in the office, or your closet, trying to get some calls done or a video out there and they just feel set aside.  Set yourself some time aside to get them involved.  Get some of their Dreams on your Goal sheet and they will become more supportive immediately.

8 Quick Tips to Get Them All Involved

  1. Create a Shared Calendar!  Seriously!  We use The Cozi Calendar and we love it.  Each of us has our own login with our email, but we share one password.  We can mark who’s going to what event, practice, game, competition, doctor’s appointment… You get the idea yea?  We also have a shared grocery list and to do lists, so the stuff gets done and the people get where they need to be.  We don’t forget anything either, except my husband, he forgets to look, but I can send him reminder, and cozy can too.
  2. Appoint a Team Leader! This works for business and home.  If one person is in charge of a project, it will help you avoid having to put out lots of little fires.  The team leaders can deal with the small fires and only pass things on to you if they become more serious.  Be wise in who you chose, younger children can feel
  3. Set Meaningful Deadlines! Don’t just give a deadline for the main project; assign smaller deadlines and checkpoints throughout the work on any bigger project.  Cleaning the garage, for example is not a task, it’s a project and it’s a big one.  Instead, break it down to the smaller tasks and set the deadlines for those.  If the smaller tasks are done on time there is no reason the project won’t complete on time.
  4. Use a Project Management System! There are many ways to manage projects.  Cloud based systems like Basecamp are good for business projects that are being worked on from different locations.  Some ideas for home are having sticky notes on the fridge that go from task to completed, or a peg system where each peg hold’s a persons tasks for the day.  It’s completely up to you which system you use, just think it though and make sure it will work for you, and for work tasks, consider a system that was designed for managing and organizing projects.
  5. Create a Shared Vision!  Nothing gets a team thinking creatively and moving with purpose better than a shared idea or goal to help guide them through each project. Think small at home to start.  “If we get this done by Friday, then on Saturday we can go fishing on the boat for the day and grill on the island, or watch a movie and have pizza in the living room.  Make it fit your troop, and remember, Daddy may need something more.  Like a new hunting gadget or gizmo.  Whatever gets his engine revved up.  You’re setting a limit, but you’re also rewarding the good!
  6. Systemize everything!  You need to focus on gathering leads and closing deals right?  You need to get your system down so that you can work efficiently and return to your family too.  They won’t stay on board if all their hard work means mom still never comes out of the office.  The more you do your tasks the same way, the faster and more efficient you will become at completing them and moving on to the next task.
  7. Delegate Responsibility!  A couple years ago, I grabbed Chalene Johnson’s Delegate or Die download and I was SHOCKED to see there were 4 pages of things I should be delegating.  For a moment I looked and thought, “Do I even do all this stuff”  Reality is, not all businesses share the same tasks, but there a lot that do.  A good rule of thumb is, “If it doesn’t need your personality, don’t do it.”  Your towels will never know you didn’t fold them!   Get a list of things you don’t need to be doing and get them delegated.  A good Virtual assistant will be worth their weight in gold.  I actually run my business with two!  Virtual assistants enjoy being in charge of a team as much as children do at home. so give the kids some control and watch them perform to their standards, which just might be higher than yours.  Once you delegate it, let it go.  Check in but don’t take over.
  8. Allow Everyone to Contribute! Get over the “I’m the leader of this team” nonsense.  Everyone should be able to openly contribute ideas without worry of poor reactions from you.  Truth is, a leader shows the way by doing not by talking.  Not all ideas are going to be good ideas, but the more ideas that are generated, the more likely your team and your family will come up with good ones that can be developed into great ones.  Set aside time once a month just to throw ideas around and grow from them.

Finally, give your team some leeway in how they spend their time and what they spend it on.  Your way isn’t always the best way.  By allowing them to have say about the time they spend, it will be easier to manage team time and family time at home.  By allowing everyone to have a say about the time they spend, and what on, itíll make it easier to manage time as a team for your business or as a family at home.  Build that team and empower them to act.  Now it’s off to the pool for the day, because I got up early and my work is done here!

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